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The EtherTen is just a tarted-up Uno and uses the standard Arduino IDE in exactly the same way - including all the libraries.. It requires its own driver for initial installation, as it is a unique third-party device.

You use the desktop to programme it via USB cable. The devices you are polling are usually connected separately by various means to the sockets provided.

The data is sent from the Ethernet and that is sent direct to the world. I use the cosm feed service for this, i.e. people go to cosm, not to me, and I guess it is the obvious approach for your project.



Alright sounds good to me, and for my project if you were wondering, im using the arduino to poll a power mater and send the ethernet signal through the house to a computer using a powerline adapter.


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Ah... I misunderstood you. What you are proposing is a hell of a lot simpler and I'm sure you will be fine. You might find this interesting          http://www.parallax.com/tabid/393/default.aspx
It is not for Arduino but can be painlessly adapted, and is just the thing for you get the leading edge, and piss over all your colleagues........


OMG THANK YOU, thats EXACTLY something i was looking for, if it ends up that i use that in conjunction with a self-made visual basic program then its makes my project a LOT easier.

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