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By the way, if you could take the trouble to write proper English rather than txtspk it would be appreciated.

Is that what it is, I thought he was either very hip or retarded, possibly both.  :P

Anyway as other have said "schematics R us" need your schematic for anything meaningful to be written.


well...there wasn't any circuit...i didnt connect anythng to the i/p pin...even befor connecting the pin the uno started showing the blinking leds..so frustrated and didnt attemptd to connect anything...
one more dout what is maximum baud rate that can be supported by arduino uno?




i created a program to just check the pin 8 gets a i/p so that the pin 9 will give some output...unfortunately even without the i/p its showing o/p...subsequently i found that wen we shake the uno its giving output!:(....so wat ds that show?

First of all " Dont break Legs of English"... Write it as it should be dont chew it..
secondly, post your programm...
The more you shake Arduino the more it will give you milk...

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