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Fist, I´m sorry. this is maybe the 1000th topic about two servos but I can´t figure out how the codes work for me.
I looked for that in the inernet, bt I couldn´t find something that helps me.

I´m currently working on a replica of a Frankenturret from Portal 2.

I need your help with the moving legs.
when you lay them on the back there legs are twitching.(you can see that in the video (5:13))

I want to do that!

I want to use 2 servos for that.
but I have no Idea about codes
please help me! =(

the legs are allways moving from , let´s say, 0° to 40°
I know exactly which movements I want

I try to explain it

(twitching means the movement from 0°to 40°)

             right leg (servo 1)I       left leg (servo 2)                 
0 sec                              I
                     twitch        I       
                                     I         twitch
0,5 sec                      twitch both
1st sec                    twitch both
                     twitch       I
1,5 sec                           I      twitch
                      twitch      I     
3,5sec                           I          twitch
                    twitch       I
                                   I          twitch
                     twitch      I           
                                   I         twitch
                   twitch       I
                                   I           twitch
                    twitch       I
5 sec

and everything looped

I hope you understand what I mean

PLEASE HELP ME ! :smiley-red:



When you post in the Programming forum, we expect to see some code. If you don't have any, you don't have a Programming problem.


You probably need to look at the below videos and see if any are close to what you want.

Google forum search: Use Google Search box in upper right side of this page.
Why I like my 2005 Rio Yellow Honda S2000  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWjMvrkUqX0

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