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I am working on a project that can remote control a robotic car through wifi and using Arduino Uno. I got a problem which is the motor shield uses the same pin as wifi shield (pin 12, 7). How to modify the library such that the conflict can be free? I changed the pin # for pin 7, 12 in wifi shield but failed. One more thing, since most of the pins have been used by wifi shield and motor shield, if I plugin CMUcam4, can it works properly or I need to do modification again? Or I need to use other Aruduino board?

Here is the header file for motor shield: https://github.com/kachok/arduino-libraries/tree/master/Adafruit_MotorShield



How to modify the library such that the conflict can be free?

Which library?

If you want to modify the motor shield library, first you'll need to modify the shield. Tear up all the traces, and rewire the thing to not use pins 7 and 12.

If you want to modify the WiFi library, forget it. SPI is hardwired to pins 11, 12, and 13.
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dont bother messing with the pin assignments of  the spi pins..  on of the pins on that shield should be chip select or slave select from the cpp file i guess its the motor enable line.. move that one to another pin and adjust the code as required.

the slave select pin was added to spi to allow multiple slave devices to sit on the spi bus  do a youtube search for according to pete  and spi and watch the resulting video clip

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