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I am looking for a decent soldering iron for PCB work around $50. My radioshack 30W iron is fine except the tip keeps wearing off. The thin layer of protection is too thin. The tip got eaten up by solder and I can't solder with it anymore. Every few months I have to buy another tip. I thought it might be their trick to have you come back to them all the time for not paying enough (the iron with a few tools was $8.99 and the tip was a few dollars!)

I know how to solder. My portable Weller iron never wears off its tips. It's well-built. Just open to recommendations before diving into catalogs. Thanks!



and the tip was a few dollars

if you have to mail order tips, figure in the S&H $$$.
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@ Liudr, I found a Hakko 936 for $50.00 and I bought it. I got it from Electrodragon but I think they've sold out.
You might get lucky but if I had it to do over again I'd build one. The reason I didn't was that I found the schematic after I bought the iron.
The one I bought is a 220V version but with a step-up/isolation transformer I can use it on 120VAC and I gain an isolation transformer for my O'scope.
I do have a copy of the thermal controller schematic and it would be easy to duplicate as it only uses an LM358 and perhaps a dozen other parts.
The Irons can be found where ever and shouldn't cost more than $12.00. I bought a new one about a year ago for my old 907 (same 24V ac iron for all) and I've seen a few since then. If you have a 24V 3A transformer and an LM358 all you need really is the schematic and I just attached it to this post.
When I used that iron in production I think perhaps I bought 10 tips in 2 years and that was for four irons. Extremely long lasting.

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