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Topic: [Suggestion] Make the 2 Arduino IDE's different programs, so i can have both  (Read 826 times) previous topic - next topic


I'm working with a lot of different arduino models and doing quite a few different arduino projects.
Some with older libraries that run on 1.0.x software, and other projects that run on the lastest build.

For some reason both IDE's are entrepreted by windows as the same, which is kinda a problem,
so either i use 2 computers or i constantly uninstall / reinstall..

I'm switching between IDE's 3 times pr week,  at first it was ok, now it's just annoying.


It is so annoying that I switched to Linux permanently. I have these IDE versions available without any problem


If you install the IDE from the zip files, you can have multiple versions installed on Windows.
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Hi Bob,

I really need multiple versions installed. Can you outline what to do in installing from the ZIP files??

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Hi Terry,

Seeing as no one else has responded...

I'm using Windows XP and I have a directory called Arduino. In there are all my project folders and I unzip the different versions of the IDE into their own sub directory. I have versions 0.21 through to 1.0.4, but I don't have any of the 1.5.x so I don't know if the same process will work for them.

I also ignore the convention and I put my library files within the libraries folder within the individual IDE folders. That way I can still run (if I need to) 0.22 and 1.0.4 without library conflicts.

I have created short cuts on my desk top to the different Arduino.exe's.

Hope this helps.
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I don't have any of the 1.5.x so I don't know if the same process will work for them.
Yeah it works fine. Why keep the pre 1.0 versions, its a fairly easy process to upgrade any library you encounter. Then you can keep all your libraries in the same folder for every IDE.

Forum Mod anyone?


Why keep the pre 1.0 versions...
It's not as though I need the space! I can't remember the last time I actually used one of the pre 1.0 IDE's but seeing as they aren't causing any problems they can stay.
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