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Recently I purchased a digital photo convertor that I can feed my photos and negatives to and it digitizes them and stores them on the SD card.

I was not happy with the quality and compression of the resultant images though.

I think I have necessary expertise to build something like this on my own using a stepper motors and line scanners (both of which I plan to salvage from an old scanner) with my trusty Arduino Uno.

Before starting on this though, I want to check if anyone else has attempted something like this and maybe can share the details and pitfalls faced.



What do you plan on using for the image processing?
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bitmap for now. The main components in this is to use stepper motor to advance photo/negative at constant rate and use line scanner to scan each line.

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The Arduino can move steppers just fine. I think AWOL was getting at, what will you do with the image data itself. There Arduino can't do much with that.
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Which "photo converter" do you have. I don't think you will beat it with bits from an old scanner.


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