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Do your boards have soldermask?


I tried tinning the wick and it works.  But I still want to get the solder to flow correctly without having to "clean up."  I have few ideas that I am going to try, one of them is to tin the pads before placing the IC.


Good point, which should have been mentioned previously. I always dab a bit of solder
on the chip pins before placing on the board, and I also usually take the exacto knife
and scrape the oxidation off the pins before that. I'll bet if you try this last bit it will
make a big difference. The solder will flow right to where it belongs without blobbing
up. Flip the chip over, and pre-tin the legs after scraping.

I'm sure the "official" smt fab schemes are designed to get around these silly extra
steps, but I don't do much smt fab.

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