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I figured out that I didn't need to delete the code when I decided to disconnect the Arduino from my 4-port USB hub and hook it directly into the computer.

Also I was using a different version tutorial it seems

My only problem now is now that the sensors are always reading Zero


Sensors are two photo-resistors from a radioshack assortment  bag.

How are they wired? Most photo-resistors need to be part of a voltage divider network:
+ -- -/\/\/\/\-+-/\/\/\/\ -- Gnd

One resistor is the photo-resistor. The other is a standard resistor with a value roughly equal to the phots-resistor in total darkness. The + connects to the analog pin.


Just got it to work.

From what I've learned you can't have serial monitor running at the same time as you try to run it.

The problem was, that even though the main board appeared wired to the breadboard, the exposed wire tip was not making contact internally in the header.
It was surprising because these are the wires that made for this purpose ,10 cm length and shrink tubing on the ends.

I discovered the problem when I did a quick short of the breadboard rails with an LED to see if any current existed.

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