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Hello all
I got an Nano 3.0 clone, but it is not having a bootloader installed.

When I look into the hardware/bootloaders folder, I see there are many different to choose from.

If someone could tell me which hex file to install, I think I can manage to install it myself.

Best regards

Runaway Pancake

Duemilanove 16MHz [assuming IDE Arduino-0022]
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RP is correct, the default Nano bootloader is the one from the Duemilanove.

I reflashed my Nano with OptiBoot (the bootloader used on the Uno) and have had no problems. I've now got OptiBoot running on all my boards & standalone chips; now I can leave the board at "Uno" and not have to switch every time I move between projects.

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I do the same - all my '328P projects are bootloaded as Unos.
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joe mcd

I understand how to put Optiboot on a 328 chip.  I use the Uno board as explained on the site.
How do you burn a new bootloader to a chip on a surface mount board such as Nano?

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