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Please will someone do this research?  Do you know how to find the patents?  I will read them if you Email them to me?

I did some searches.  No patent applications with the name Soloshot.  No likely ones under the name Chris Boyle.  Perhaps the company address would be the next thing to search for.

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Notthing found in europe either. BTW i tought it was a gps + wifi signal, but at that point i cant get the "content" of those 20 and more patent...so maybe is somethink different never used before?

If anyone has any ideas to achieve this working it would be cool.

I was thinking about a gps-like positioning system, two or more antennas and a delay signal interpolation to get the positive ( in front of the device ) position.
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They say that the transmitter needs to be on for some minutes to be able to 'pair' it with the receiver. That is typical for a GPS receiver.

They also say it's range is 2000ft.
It happens to be that a 1000mW wifi transmitter has a range of 2000ft (600 meters or so). But 1000mW 2.4GHz transmitter is forbidden in many countries.
It also happens to be that there are 433MHz transmitters with a range of 2000ft. The antenna on the photo could be an antenna for 433MHz.

So it might be a GPS with a 433MHz transmitter. And the receiver has also GPS, to be able to calculate the position and angle.
There is probably no need to send something back. So the transmitter is only transmitting and the receiver is only receiving.

I think you can find everything at Sparkfun.com
It is going to cost about 200 to 300 dollars. But you need to program it, and they have already made a good looking receiver and waterproof transmitter. So you might as well buy the real thing.


I don't think you need 2 GPS's.  What if you start the single GPS at the base?  Would that work?

I don't think it uses GPS at all.  I believe it has to do with the timing or phase of 2 antennas.
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If the transmitter is held near the receiver/camera to initiate, only one GPS is needed.
That is a good suggestion.

The photo of the receiver shows only one antenna. Using two antennes to calculate the delay between the receiving waves requires specific hardware and might cost thousand of dollars. Do you know an affordable application ?
If a GPS is used, just normal standard hardware can be used.

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