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MaxBotix Inc

Hello, this is Scott from MaxBotix Inc.

We have been communicating through email, and I wanted to publish the resolution to this problem on the forum.

One of the issues that is happening is by using the LV-MaxSonar-EZ sensor on a Quad-Copter, the sensor is not able to adjust for the large amount noise of the copter which means the sensor is unable to range reliably. The Quad-Copter in flight acts as a constant noise source. In addition,  many quads have been found to supply unstable power to the sensors.  After testing a quad-copter at our facility, we have found that the MB1240 and MB1242 operated the best on multi-copters.

Our engineers have found that it is best not to mount the sensor in the prop-wash.  Prop-wash can act as an acoustic noise that can cause interference with the sensor.

Additional engineering recommendations are to use our MB7954 cable and MB7961 Power Supply Filter kit with the sensors.  The reason for this recommendation of the MB7961 is the control device for the multi-copter may not output stable power to the sensor.  The MB7961 can help stabilize the power that is supplied to the sensor so the best performance is achieved. Additionally, the shielded wire ensures no noise is injected into your sensors connection wires which can cause performance issues.

Please let me know if you have any questions by emailing scott@maxbotix.com

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If I buy a set of the MB1242 sensors can I use the same wiring scheme that I have now? I have good insulated wire so noise isn't an issue and I am powering the sensors and arduino from a power source separate from the drone. A good lipo battery should be providing sufficient power for everything, 7.4V, 800maH.

As I have it now I can make the project work but if I decide to spend a whole mess of money getting more sensors I want to be sure I won't have to rebuild everything.


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