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Yes, they will all be wired through.

None of this is set in stone. I could possibly be persuaded to distribute the controllers throughout.


I am trying to choose a wireless module for my project, the RFM22B has 500m range but is rather confusing to set up and use,  but I am now looking at the XRF module that works straight out of the box, but you can configure it as a network/mesh.
You could possibly use these combined Arduino ( variant ) and radio module  at various places around your greenhouse :-


   (I havnt tried one yet )
With my mobile phone I can call people and talk to them -  how smart can you get ?


Thanks Boffin1. I'll check that out.

Coding Badly

I thought I would use I2C since that leaves the most pins available.

RS-422, RS-485, CANBUS, LINBUS, and Ethernet are likely better choices.  It's a question of your expertise, your time, and your money.  If you have the knowledge and ability to get I2C working reliably over about 20 meters then it may be a good choice.  Otherwise, pick something else.

They each need a unique I2C address.

Store the address in EEPROM.

I am open to any creative ways to do this. Any ideas?

You don't need anything particularly creative.  People have been doing similar things for decades.  Store the minimum configuration in EEPROM (the address in your case).  Use an appropriate physical layer.  The rest is just sitting down and doing it (or stealing it).

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