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"I think if you did a diagram showing your 'platform', it's support points and examples of different wrong and right orientations the we could all get a better idea of what you're trying to achieve."
tack I am attaching an image of the setup but what's illustrated is just one axis which is as the vehicle moves forward ground slope tilts vehicle to right (but it can easily tilt to the left as well). The other condition not shown is when ground slope makes the vehicle tilt forward (or backward). Thanks for the reply.



Yes your comments on the autopilots is specially relevant. I have access to an arducopter APM1 and relevant shield. Also I agree that the mechanical rig is probably the easiest part of it. The software though is the challenge considering I have next to nill regarding programming. Do you by any chance know of a code that I can plug into the arducopter brain to achieve the balancing act I'm trying to create? The arducopter code is way to convoluted for me to untangle to achieve the balancing act. Thanks.


If you get your hands dirty and dig into the Multiwii code you'll find that it can be used as a camera stabilizer (set the multicopter type as "GIMBAL") for just about any board with a 3 axis accelerometer and gyroscope. As an example, this cheap multicopter board with an ITG3205 and BMA180 should be supported.



I haven't looked at the Arduplane code for quadrotors, but I'd expect to find that the control algorithm produces demands for pitch, roll, yaw and altitude corrections which are then combined and mixed to produce the control outputs for motors, servos and control surfaces. Since the core code can be used in many different types of vehicle I'd expect to find the combination/mixing logic cleanly separated from the core sensor analysis/feedback algorithms. What you'd need to do is plug in your own code that handles the pitch, roll, yaw and altitude demands using your hardware drivers. Perhaps if you review the code and see how the different vehicle configurations have been implemented, you'll see the parts where your own vehicle-specific code needs to be inserted.

ETA: Chagrin's suggestion about camera stabilisation mode sounds like exactly what you need.
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Chagrin and PeterH thanks for the reply ... the APM1 board and the arducopter code turns out to have support for gimbal so I'll explore my options with that.

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