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Topic: Does 7.2VDC RC battery pack kill 6VDC servos? (Read 758 times) previous topic - next topic


I have been using 7.2VDC battery pack usually used for RC vehicles. A few days ago, some EZ-Robot S08NF STD servos died. Now, some Power HD 1501 MG servos died. I'm afraid to use Futaba S3003 servos with the 7.2 VDC battery pack. Any suggestions?


Any suggestions?

Follow the min and max voltage recomendations for the servos.
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Most standard servos are rated for 4.8 to 6.0 VDC (generally for the electronics inside). There are models of servos out there designed for higher voltages, but as zoomkat noted, you need to check the datasheets for your servos before applying power. When in doubt, try 5 VDC first.
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How do I create a circuit that reduces 7.2VDC to 6.0VDC?

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Get a BEC for off the shelf voltage conversion, they're pennies

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