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i want to create a simple clock. Therefor I use the RTC DS1307 module. I'm really searching for a library, which is described easily.

I found a tutorial with a library called "RTClib.h". I downloaded the RTClib.h and the RTClib.cpp and added this to my projekt like this: (first picture) (this are tabs next to my main code)

Then I wanted to include the informations I got from the example sketch (http://www.ladyada.net/learn/breakoutplus/ds1307rtc.html) to my program. But when I started with the first command "RTC.begin();", I got an errorlike this (2nd attachment).

I'm sure that I inluded the library in a wrong way. How do I have to do this?


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RTC is not declared, because it is not declared.

Did you see this line in the example sketch:
Code: [Select]
That is where the class RTC is declared and initialized.


You don't need to post screenshots of your sketch, and your error message. It's much simpler to copy and paste the actual text (of both) and post them here inside code tags (the # button above the posting area).
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