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AC  supply  ?

I mean one that plugs into an AC outlet.  It generates nice clean 7.5 VDC.


Okay... Gave the shield some more power (regulated 5V / 2A). Still the same error. Back to the drawing board.

I am pretty sure it has something to do with the module returning some sort of strange value when it receives a "ring" message from the telecom company. Everything else seems to work fine (more power or not).


Problem sort of solved. It is the Serial Monitor and/or monitoring the serial port in the terminal. I don't know why exactly this is causing the problem, but I have a few hunches.

It might still be in the code, but I will figure out whats up later. At least I have concluded it is not in the module hardware.


I have the same SM5100B shield + software using SoftwareSerial class.
I noticed when module receives a SMS, it stops working in case the ambient temperature drops under 2 Celsius.
At the normal temperature (23 Celsius) it works OK.
I think the problem is the power supply (it is under-dimensionated). I read somewhere that SM5100B takes 3A at full peaks.
In my opinion the power supply must be above 2 Amp. Try one with 2.5A or 3A.

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