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I have to computers: a one-year-old iMac and a three-year-old MacBook Pro. Both are running OSX 10.8.2. I bought a new Arduino UNO R3 and follow the official instructions to get it up and running and upload my first code to the Arduino: the Blink sketch. The steps I took on both machines:

* Download the IDE from the Arduino site for Mac, version 1.0.3
* Connect the Arduino to the machine using the USB cable that came with it
* Open the IDE and set the board to Arduino UNO and the serial port to /dev/tty.usbmodemXXXXX
* Open the Blink script and press the Upload button

On my MacBook Pro this works fine, on the iMac it doesn't. The symptoms I am experiencing on the iMac:

* Sometimes I have to connect the Arduino multiple times for the serial port to show up in the IDE. Also doesn't always show under Network preferences
* When it does and I try to upload, it gives the programmer does not respond error
* Also, when it does show up and I try to do a loopback test through the serial monitor, I do not get any response
* When trying to upload and when trying to do the loopback test the TX/RX leds flicker for a second or so, and then stop
* When an upload fails I get the serial port is in use sometimes. Takes a while of rebooting the IDE and reconnecting the Arduino in order for it to disappear

I tried all USB ports on the back of my iMac, and disconnected all other USB devices. On the MacBook Pro I use one of the USB ports on the side.

Anyone any idea of what could be the problem on the iMac?

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