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Thanks you all. Well, if I will use the arduino motor shield r3, I will be able to measur the current directly and than controll the torque by the PMW. Right?


good info,well if you calculate the torque X when the object is falling, you would need   2X the other way to raise it at the same speed,


A method of "braking" a motor is to attach a DC motor (to act as a generator) to the shaft.  Then you can electrically load the generator to produce whatever braking force you require.  It's simple and it works !


If you have a means of measuring the motor current then you can directly monitor (theoretical) torque since this
is proportional to current (ignoring friction, magnetic saturation etc).  Thus by monitoring current and adjusting
drive PWM you can set a given torque.

Note that you have to measure average current if using PWM since the current will oscillate about an average.

How do you adjust the drive PWM depending on the measured current?

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