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I bought a Arduino Uno and I can't install drivers...
I'm on Windows XP SP3. I tried on Windows 7 64 bits, same problem.

I tried to install from "arduino-0021\arduino-0021\drivers"
I tried to install from "arduino-0021\arduino-0021\drivers\FTDI USB Drivers"
I tried to install from "CDM 2.02.04 WHQL Certified"
I tried to install from "CDM 2.08.24 WHQL Certified"

Nothing works
In periphericals management I see USB_DEVICE with ? in yellow. No driver found.

Can you help me



Ok I finally found, After a lot of test of driver, in a last try I install with Arduino 1.0.3.
And it works  :)

Arduino 18 or 21 and all driver download on FTMI no...

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