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Back in my childhood (14 - 15 years old) l tuned a couple of piano's, upright's with a Strobicon. We had some little felt tools that were used to mute the strings that weren't being tuned (3 strings/note) and tuning was simple. I even worked with another guy that was a pipe organ tuner and even though there were several pipes necessary for some voicing we still tuned one note at a time.. Lot of pipes in a 4 manual 17 rank pipe organ.
In my dotage I designed an FSK decoder, several as a matter of fact and it had to process the audio from an AM radio. This places several severe restrictions on what I could do due to noise, co-channel and skip reception. This was compounded by the processor speed of 400 KHz for very low power operation (the whole board with the radio drew 3.2 mA) what I finally did was to accept any 3 crossings in any bit frame that were the right perioid as a valid bit one or zero. I also repeated the message 3 times as I had no ack returned from the receiver.
Perhaps some food for thought?

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Could you put a pickup on the guitar and pick 1 string at a time?


But you'd have to do more to get it safely into Arduino to output to LCD for visualization.

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The issue with a pickup is that unless the rest of the strings are muted they will resonate too the absolute difference between any consecutive two notes is the 12th root  of 2 or 1.059463... (20 more places).

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"The solution of every problem is another problem." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I do answer technical questions PM'd to me with whatever is in my clipboard


Thanks PaulS and AWOL for the help,

indeed it is part of  our project.
the hardware I am using,is microcontroller seeeduino ADK Mega2560 and LMD386 amplifier - when the string is tuned the signal from the guitars string should be amplified and it passed to arduino  pin0 , the signal should be again filtered and finally  it should be shown the frequency on LCD. the input and the output of the amplifier  are connected two coils-with electro-magatics , one input couil and the other is output coil(one coil is as microphone the other coil is making vabrating the string) , the tuning  is happen outomatically when the guitars string come very close to the magnatics, one  string at a time. the idea is like this link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cz2E9Ijz9_I
I attached here the picture of the system.  I still need help about coding,  

obs: is that line 87 of the frequency library - ?  
but it is behaving like my compiler does'nt recognize c++ code
I am using arduino IDE-

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