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i made PCB for measuring temperature with some other components (fan, lcd and sd card module). I made two almost the same versions, one with Arduino Nano (for development) and one with ATmega328 stand alone (with arduino bootloader) for long-term use. All the components are basicly the same.

I finished program code and test it on PCB with Arduino Nano.. Everything is working like it should, without any problems. I burned bootloader in new ATmega328 and load exactly the same program on it. On this stand alone version i am getting random resets from time to time, totally without any logical iteration.

Any ideas? I can upload circuit scheme if it will help.


I would minimize the code as much as possible.  In fact, run Blink on it for a while if you have an LED onboard.  Try to separate hardware and software faults any way you can.

Is the BOD set on the mega?  Check supply voltages.  Can you post a pic of your PCB?  Maybe we can see something obvious.


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I uploaded the whole scheme..

What is BOD? I don't know what's that mean. I measured supply voltages and they are fine, stable 5V.



Brown-out detection.  Google would tell you that!

My first guess is decoupling.  But a photo and/or schematic are very illuminating usually.
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I don't see anything obviously wrong from the schematics.  An actual photo of the PCB itself might help though.

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