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First off, I'd like to say this is my first post here, and I am quite a newbie with Arduino and electronics. So if I am wrong about anything, please point it out for me. :)

I'm looking for a TFT-LCD with some certain specs. I've looked around, done a few google searches, but I am unable to find a good place that sells LCDs similar to what I need. I did find this (http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-2-inch-TFT-LCD-Module-Display-320-x-240-Touch-Panel-PCB-adapter-color-screen-/251057269544) on eBay, but I think it is a little more expensive because it has a touchscreen too. Does anyone know a good place to buy LCDs, such as with the following qualities?

- 2.8-3.2 inches
- 320x240 or higher resolution (3:2 aspect ratio preferred)
- Under $15-20 (USD)

Thank you!


I got my first SSD1289 off ebay for a bargain $10 ( auction ), but they are on 'buy it now' for a range of low prices.
I got a sainsmart kit also for $45 ( auction also ) which has a mega and shield on top of the screen.

Some screens where discussed here: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,141761.0.html

You can also create your 3:2 ratio by changing the vertical pitch of a square lcd.
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This is just one that was posted in another thread (on the 1.8" cheap TFT's)


It's touch screen too, but you could just not use that function.

It meets your other criteria; size, aspect ratio, price.



Everyone who posted, thanks for your replies! I looked at all of the screens you suggested, and they all look great. However, as I read around the forums a bit, I found that most of the screens people like use the SSD1289 LCD controller, while some of the suggested ones use ILI9320. I am kind of a newbie, so can someone explain what kind of difference different LCD controllers make?


With LCD screens, especially higher pixel counts, speed is going to count, so look for the connection method.

You also need to see if there is a library and good code examples for you to work from.

For these I'd think hardware SPI is the best connection method, but check any library to see what speed you are interfacing at. You can go up to half the MCU clock speed with SPI so a clock divider of 2.

For example, the 128 x 160 TFT I just bought workers with an Adafruit library. The library specifies a clock divide of 4. This can be changed to 2 and double the data rate onspeed up display.

This is just my own take on finding the right method and code. I'm sure there are some more experienced members that could tell you any hardware pros and cons of the actual controller chips themselves.

I'd guess one will be what data rate thy could handle on SPI, to see if you can change the SPI clock divider as I mentioned above.


Sorry, but when you say SPI, is that just a different connection, or a different controller method or what?


Both. Go look at the UTFT library from Henning Karlsen. That library supports the Itead Studios #.2" 320 X 240 line display which can be purchased from Amazon for $19.98. I  like buying there because IF.. you have ANY issues with the display Amazon is real good about returns/refunds . I bought a display that only had 1/2 of the screen working and had a return authorization within 15 minutes of the package arriving at my door.

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