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Topic: How to use Ethernet shield+Arduino Mega+ElecFreaks TFT Shield V2+TFT 3.2" (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic



I've working perfectly an Arduino Mega with a  ITDB02-3.2S 3,2" TFT by using ElecFreaks's TFT Shield VersiĆ³n 2, but I'm not able to use the Arduino Ethernet shied.

Arduino Mega + Ethernet shield Works correctly
Arduino Mega + TFT Shield + 3,2" TFT, Works perfectly even readind SD Card on the TFT

All together doesn't work

Anybody found a way to have Ethernet with such a TFT and TFT shield?.

Thanks in advance for helping me



I have exactly the same issue... I tried to wire the PINs used by the LCD board (38,39,40,41) back to the MEGA but to no avail... Not sure where to search next!

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