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hey fknyguy-

not sure 'where' in WI you are.. but we have a few makerspaces here.  ;)

Matter of fact the MMS (Milwaukee Maker Space) just moved into a killer new building!!

anyways.. I would suggest you just get a $17 dollar toaster oven from Wal-Mart instead of trying skillet..  especially in a college setting.


I would like to do the reflow oven, but it so much more expensive than the skillet.  You need the thermocouple, the monitor, a relay, and other stuff.
I'm up in Menomonie, we have a hackerspace supposedly (according to the hackerspace wiki) but I don't think its actually there.
Accelerate to 88 miles per hour.


How far from the madison maker space are you?

Menomonie .. far West eh?.. ouch.


"I" personally do NOT have any of that stuff on my toaster oven..

its exactly as I explained it to be.. a $17 toaster oven form wal-mart.. lol..

nothing else added to the mix..


Yea pretty northwest.  I do live in a suburb of madison when I'm not at school though so I could use their makerspace during the summer I guess.

Wait! how do you know if your stuff is reflowed and all that?

plus, how do you get the solder paste on the pads of say a SSOP without a stencil?
Accelerate to 88 miles per hour.


Wait! how do you know if your stuff is reflowed and all that?

I watch it? you can see it.. happens quick.. will heat up.. and dry out a bit..getting grey/ashey... (the solder paste).. and then all of sudden will get shiny and flow out..


plus, how do you get the solder paste on the pads of say a SSOP without a stencil?

carefully?  lol...  I use stencil.. and order the.. (they are not cheap!)  $30 a pop..

but you can try to use a tooth pick of syringe..etc..


eye hav bean makking mi own bords four meny meny many 365 deys, usen the thermeal transfur method.

tit hasnt done me any hearm wot so ever, cerry on.


Is there something wrong with your keyboard?

Yea that's pretty much the only way for hobbyists to do it.
Accelerate to 88 miles per hour.


A LOLcats DIYer?  Thought I'd seen it all.


@jonisonvespa - LOL, keep it up then, you seem a-ok :D  I think I'm going to go lick some solder and see what happens.


Lead is sweet, and solder lead is chewy.  When I was a wee baby, my crib was lead-based paint. Makes for a good afternoon snacking/licking... like living in a giant sweet lollipop cage.

It caused me brain damage... made me do things as a kid... like skateboarding without helmets or paddings, biking without helmets, or riding in cars without seatbelts, playing with mercury from broken thermometers (that was fun), and other dangerous stuff. It's a miracle I'm still alive. 

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