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Hi All
First Post.
Equipment :- UNO R3 surface mounted chip, BT transmitter, BT receivers (Bluetooth), Speakers

The project is a model train control with Bluetooth sound to the train.
There will be a maximum of 2 trains operating a one time, but there will be several trains available, each with its own speaker and its own sound characteristics.

Q1....Firstly, is it possible to have a single BT transmitter and several select-able independent BT receivers to drive a selected speaker ?

Q2....If so, what Bluetooth equipment is suitable for this ?

Q3....Are BT speakers select-able, ie say 3 speakers turned on but only 1 will accept the sound. This or similar is what i plan to use if suitable.


I have already developed the Train Controller with full features and still have 5 digital and 4 analog pins available, there will be a smart 1602 screen added when it arrives. Once tested, i will be happy to post results in the appropriate forum, let me know which.

I have added a Youtube link showing the general concept here :-

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAdigvwU7WI .

This shows some equipment , but i am looking for other options also.
Unfortunately this and similar projects seem to have died or been kept private. There may be a reason for this.

Enough for this post
Thanks in advance
Doug  :)


Q1 - no
Q2 - not applicable
Q3 - no

Basically you can not transmitt sound through a Uno and a Bluetooth add on board as it does not support the audio protocol.


Thanks Mike
New approach...directional speakers in the hand controller run off a DFPlayer mini, not a sweet as DCC but in an enclosed room it should be suitable, from what i have seen the delay between tracks is so small as not to be a problem, will find out for sure when player and other bits arrive in post.

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