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here's three I found earlier.

those are even better: plug-n-play.

Those atx power connectors are fairly difficult to find.

Well I have a handful laying around from stripping dead ATX motherboards for usable parts.


I use these PSU's for everything some of the current one's have more than 3 or 4 useable voltages i wanted to use one for my Arduino test lab/rig i figured a PSU would have to be stable for a motherboard to function correctly, Anyway i'm dusting of one now to use for a better power supply, just wondering besides proper fusing is their anything else i should be using to ensure i have clean/safe power for my projects ?

Use a decent quality supply (avoid companies like Deer, L&C and most other no name brands like the plague). You don't want a noisy (electrically) PSU killing your projects (let alone these have a tendency to die catastophically).

Have a base load on all of the rails. PSU's do NOT like being cross-loaded in general (this means lots of amps on one rail and virtually none on another). Heavy loading on one rail can cause one of the others to drift up to a volt from their listed voltage. This is the purpose of the large resistor in Jimbo's design. It provides a base load to help prevent the effects of cross-loading.


A good computer PSU is close to a $100 bucks.
For a little more money, you can have one of this. $105 (LINEAR PSU... not switching!)
Constant voltage, constant current, programmable, 5Amps, USB connection for monitoring/remote

It looks like the old problem that EEVblog found 6 mos. ago are now fixed.


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Well Yeah the power supply IS very Nice... If I had the money for both the supply and the shipping..
But a re purposed Motherboard for the connector and the power supply from the case that the Mo-board came out of can usually be had for free.. So about $10.00 and a few hours time would get a good fixed but multiple output voltage supply  which was the thread's original subject..For that matter a 0 to 2 A,  .9 to 20 V Switcher type circuit assy can be had for about $12.00 from China... with built in CC/CV controls (10T pots PCB Mtg) and either switch selectable current  or voltage monitoring. Not 5A... Well Not $105.00 either, even with the modifications required to make it look professional in appearance and plug into the mains wiring Too (It takes a discarded Laptop PSU  and about $25.00 in parts, 2 pots and the switches, etc)... Also to be found @ any Radio Shack.
Seriously that looks perfect for a 3V3, 5 and 12 V PSU with great current capacity and a better price AND using ALL NEW Parts can done very nicely for about $60 - $70.00... On the cheap... FREE. there are also many variant's on the idea of free.

{Edit Added link to part source}
You can get the part here among several..
And free shipping Too, mine took 9 day's to arrive
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I have bought old but decent quality computer PSUs for $10 at the thrift store.

You may need a load resistor that draws atleast ~1 amp on the 5v line at all times to maintain good voltage regulation on all lines.
Avoid throwing electronics out as you or someone else might need them for parts or use.
Solid state rectifiers are the only REAL rectifiers.
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