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What's in the "public domain" is quite subjective:

No it is not. The authors were payed by your tax dollar, therefore you have a right to see them.

They got no extra payment for writing the stuff, they would have got payed the same if they never produced any papers.
Then this "publishing house" grabs the "rights" to the contents and do not pay the authors.
If any theft has taken place it is by the publishers.

It is a totally different situation to someone distributing another persons music which I am dead against.


Be fair Grumpy_Mike, they did index them and setup a database for full text searches.  However, it doesn't give them exclusive rights to the documents themselves since they are public, and that is what Swartz downloaded.  He didn't use their search to find them, he searched the old fashioned way.

He did nothing illegal in my opinion, and the plaintiffs withdrew complaints after they had looked into it.
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He did nothing illegal in my opinion,

That's why things like this should be decided by a court, not by you, or me, or Mr. Swartz.

and the plaintiffs withdrew complaints after they had looked into it.

The fact that the plaintiffs withdrew their complaints shouldn't be sufficient to prove one's innocence. Lots of domestic abuse cases should be sufficient in convincing anyone of that.


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