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I've been trying to upload "KappaPad" (https://github.com/fb39ca4/kappa-pad) to my Arduino Due; but keep getting this error:
Code: [Select]
bossac.exe: extra arguments found
Try 'bossac.exe -h' or 'bossac.exe --help' for more information

Does anyone know how to fix this?


bossac is use for the compiler. try open a blank sketch at first and see if it compile. I suspect your Arduino IDE is not up to date. It was a bug on an earlier version.


BOSSAC is a command-line implementation of BOSSA - "Basic Open Source Sam-ba Application"
"SAM-BA" is the "SAM Boot Assistant", something that Atmel implements in their built-in (and published) bootloaders.

So BOSSAC.EXE is the utility used to upload the sketch to Due; essentially the Atmel ARM equivalent of "avrdude.exe"

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