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Topic: To turn clockwise & anticlockwise using : Arduino R3+Unipolar Stepper+ULN2803APG (Read 5 times) previous topic - next topic


Hi Mark,

I have noticed on the motor stated as 9ohm only.
I have tested also by placing an LED on the coil end and by spinning the rotor the LED is blinking but didnt measured the voltage from the output.

As per your quote, i need a heat sink to solve the heat on chip is it.

I have re-attached the wiring circuit.



The pdf file which was attached unable to be downloaded.
Replaced with a jpeg format.


The way you have it in your schematic isn't the same as how you have it wired up!


I'm not connecting any ground to the board, infact i should right ?

Do the ground from my breadboard should connect to arduino ground ?

I just bought TIP122, will connect the ground to pin 1 (G) while where should the other 2 pin goes to (D) & (S)

Looking forward for replies,


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