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For my project, I have a need for a potentiometer to act as a volume control, so I'm using a 10K Ohm pot that is mounted onto my enclosure so that the potentiometer sticks out of for a decorative knob to be attached. My question is, should I prevent the pot from being directly wired to the PCB inside or not? I feel that I should I use some sort of connector to physically decouple the enclosure lid from the PCB for when I eventually need to replace any parts or make changes. Is there a standard connector for pots to PCBs or should I just use any 3 conductor connector/plug that I'm able to find?  The only thing I've found is this:


which would mean I'd have to cut it in half (half for the pot, half for the PCB). Any recommendations?


Is there a standard connector for pots to PCBs


Any PCB mount plug socket will do with a flying lead to the pot. Go for the cheapest you can get. How about the 0.1" pin headers used on the arduino?


Thanks! Ended up ordering some of these:


I think it'll work out.

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