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as i say the motor only has two pins for 110V nothing else, also its marked as CW.


I know that Lionel O-Gauge trains which run on AC instead of DC have a device that changes direction of the motor. Some AC motors can be rewired to change directions or voltages.


I  have an ac motor that controls the up - down motion of the platform for a Treadmill, exercise machine.  It uses a pair of triacs to control each direction.  The front triac is an opto-isolator and that controls a gated triac for the 120 v windings.  The motor has 3 leads: common, cw and ccw.  Of course, this is a special type of ac motor designed to run bi-directional.



What does this mean
i just put upside-down the stator and as spected the motor changes from CW to CCW

If yo are physically reconfiguring the motor then you can not do this electronically without having another coil.


If you managed to "simply" reverse the stator (mechanically) then I suggest you have a shaded pole motor, the direction of rotation being influenced by the "side" that the shaded pole is on, with respect to the rotor core.  A photograph of the motor would end 99% of the speculation since your original question mentioned an "AC common motor", whatever one of those.

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