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Hi there,

I have a need to program an separate gps device using an application on PC over serial/ftdi, can I use the mega 2560 as a ftdi breakout board rather than buying a separate one? I tried a search buy couldn't find anything.

Thanks in advance


?? 2560 doesn't have an FTDI chip.

You could try grounding the Reset pin on the header, and connecting to the Rx & Tx pins at the D0/D1 header, connect to Gnd also, using the ATmege16U2 as the USB/Serial adapter for your GPS device.
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Oh ok, damn. I just assumed that's what it was using for the usb... Looks like I'll just have to get one of these ;)




Is there a way I can just use the arduino as a usb to serial converter with the arduino effectively in series with the computer and target device?


Is there a way I can just use the arduino as a usb to serial converter with the arduino

As CrossRoads says:

Connect a jumperwire from reset to ground.

Just to be sure nothing bad happens to your Arduino you should first upload
an empty sketch to the UNO, and connect a 220 ohms resistor between The Uno and target device

Alternatively you can remove the Atmega from your Arduino


The FTDI board you referenced is a really good product and a very nice price. I don't know the exact exchange rate but the part is under $3.00 US, a very good price and the solution to a lot of potential issues.

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