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Topic: Arduino Uno, Arduino Motor Shield, and H-Bridge used to control 24v DC Motor (Read 4346 times) previous topic - next topic


I am a newbie. I heard that Arduino is an open source environment. I have a Uno rev 3 and Motor Shield. I want to run a DC motor of 24 volts and 14 amp in both directions. I am very lost on thought on how to make this work with the motor shield or without, or even with another microcontroller. I have also tried creating an h-bridge on a breadboard and working off that. DC Motor Details:

Model: MY1025
Voltage: 24 V
Current: 14A

Any tips or ideas? References would be good as well. Thank you


The Arduino Motor Shield is only rated for 2A and 18V absolute max. 

You are going to need a different motor controller. Look for an H-Bridge that can handle 15 to 20 Amps and at least 24 Volts.
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I'm currently doing a similar project and have found these to drive my motors.  it looks like they would work for you too. dont take my word tho im not exactly an expert here.




gl with your project


Hey i am new to ardiuno too. I am currently making an automatic harvester for a university project. I am using the TCS230 arduino colour sensor to detect tennis balls and then extend and retract a 12V actuator (driven by electric motor). I have tried making a H-bridge with TP3055 transistors however i am now thinking of just buying a suitable H-bridge and using it to drive the motor forward and reverse. Does anyone have any recommendations for a suitable H-bridge?

Hope you can help

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