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Hi, I'm using max31855 with k type tc to display temp on lcd. My original code uses delay(1000); after showing the value from the tc to slow it down a bit.

My problem is now that I have other things going on and that extra 1 second delay is messing it up. Is there any better way to do this without delaying the whole void loop()?  I wouldn't even know what to search for.

Thanks guys!


Check out the "blink without delay" sample code in the playground.


Good call. I meant to say output haha! I try to search first but not sure what to search for sometimes. Thanks alot!


Hi again,

I tried it and its working although the temp is blinking on on the lcd instead of updating every second. I'll check it more when I get home tonight.


I came up with most elegant solution but haven't tested yet. Don't mind case on phone it sucks.

Int loopcounter =0;

If loopcounter=10

Loop counter=0


Loop counter =loopcounter + 1

You get the idea. Stupid phone argh...

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