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In the image below, when the switch is closed (and when it's opened again), the video has a severe flicker. It only does this when the switch is changing states. While the load is on, the video returns to normal. I've been trying for a week to figure out how to get rid of it. Here is some scope data that may help someone more experienced than I.. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Can you give the 4A device its own pair of wires from the battery?


it has it's own positive lead coming from the battery but it shares a ground near the camera. (I realize that is different from what the wiring diagram shows.)


Your picture only shows a single connection for the video, so presumably it's using the common earth. That suggests that the two wires carrying the video signal may not be close together. You might try taking the video and earth to the camera via a shielded twisted pair cable (with the shield grounded at one end) and see if that reduces the amount of EMF picked up on the video channel.
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They are in their stock housing coming out of the camera, then they are apart for about half an inch as they go into a cat5 breakout board, then they are in a twisted cat5 pair for 8ft or so, then the reverse happens as they go into the LCD screen at the other end.

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