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5 volt system.
An atmega328P-AU, DS3234, & h-bridge (Si9986)

My atmega will be sleeping, waiting for the interrupt from the DS3234 timer.  DS3234 will have Vcc cut off from an Arduino pin, so it runs on Vbatt. But if I'm reading the datasheet correctly on the Si9886, it uses 300 uA in standby mode.
To achieve a low quiescent current, I think I'll need to power down this H-Bridge.

  I found one user said they like this MOSFET. The DMN3404L

I don't understand enough about FETs to be certain this is a good selection.  Can someone please confirm this?  My H-Bridge will be switching a 6 volt motor, .5 amp, max current.  My atmega will be running on 3 cells (4.5 volts).

I've included an image of how I assume I power down the h bridge.
Many thanks.

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