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Hi folks,

I use CAT5 cabling for my 1-wire projects, which allows 6 data lines with common ground and power.

The way I have been implementing this is Jack(1-6) are data lines, Jack7 is power and Jack8 is ground.

Before I start using other developers' boards and before I get too fixed on my schema,
I was wondering if there is a "standard" or at least accepted schema that we should be aware of. 

Any thoughts?

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OK, so far I have not been able to determine any "standard" or de-facto standard for CAT5 cabling for 1-wire systems through researching many product links and general info.

That being the case, would it not be sensible for this community (and I'll include Pi bakers too) to work together to evolve something that allows compatibility between CAT5 connected devices?

I hope to hear some input on this topic before generating a wiring approach that may ultimately prove incompatible with other folks' projects.  Do you have a CAT5 schema that you use? Then please post a reply here.

In my previous post I said that I use Jack(1-6) for data, 7 for power and 8 for ground on an RJ45 connector. Is that a valid starting point??
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I think you're leading the field here.
Not sure how many users there are with six 1-wire connections in a project.
I have never used one myself.
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