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I want to do a rangefinder with ultrasonic sensor or a laser sensor. The range will be a few centimeters up to 8 meters. I was searching things about lasers range finders for arduino but i don't found anyone.
For the other hand, i found some ultrasonic sensors but i don't know which sensors exists and which sensor it will go well for that i want to do.

Someone could help me explaining to me their personal experience with any of these sensors or saying which sensors will go good.

Thank you very much!!


I was searching things about lasers range finders for arduino but i don't found anyone.

Which shops did you search?
If a laser range finder has a 5V serial, spi of I2C interface Arduino can talk with it.

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I was searching things about lasers range finders for arduino but i don't found anyone.

Let me start off by saying that in the world of "laser range finders" - there is a huge gulf in the middle in terms of pricing. You basically have several companies selling extremely expensive devices (most scanning a laser in a 2D pattern), and then a few in the middle-range (one which you you basically have to buy a robot and rip it's sensor out; fairly cheap for what you get), and one at the low-end (from Parallax - and it is a 1D sensor only).

See my article here for details: http://www.phoenixgarage.org/show_article/167

There is also an option I don't mention (I found out about it later, and have yet to update my site) - this company's devices are fairly inexpensive, but once again, 1D only (but they are high quality and long distance, and use time-of-flight for measurement):


There's also a thread about this laser rangefinder somewhere around here on the Arduino forums; dig around, you'll probably find it.

Beyond that - it's all homebrew. Some people have tried hacking certain golf/hunting laser rangefinders, others have tried hacking laser "tape measures" (the ones that use a real laser and sensor - not just a laser aiming dot and ultrasonics). Then you have a few complete home-brew options. Ultimately, you're looking at range of prices from around $150.00 USD to few thousand dollars USD (and most of the quality systems are at that high-end price point).
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