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Hi, hope this is the correct place to put this, this is my first post :)

I'm not new to electronics but I'm new to arduino and what it likes/doesn't like. I'm looking for some advice regarding using transistors to switch current from a 9V battery to groups of 4 parallel LEDs. There are 25 groups, so 100 LEDs in total (think of it as a 5x5 matrix, where there are 4 LEDs for every 1). Each group will be switched by its own transistor using an arduino mega.

This schematic shows 3 of these groups to give you an idea:

I know it's not good practice to use only one resistor to limit the current going to parallel LEDs, but it works and the resistance is enough to prevent a single LED blowing.
Using a 9V source and a 360 ohm resistor each LED receives 6.25 mA of current. If all LEDs are on at once, a current draw of 625 mA from the battery will be required. I am willing to add another 360 ohm resistor to each group to lower the current as the brightness of the LEDs does not suffer too much when I do this.

I plan on using 2N2222 NPN transistors which have a beta value of ~100, so what I want to know is:
- What base current would be required from the arduino to provide an emitter current of 25 mA (from the battery)?
- Will the arduino be able to provide enough current to all pins so that 625 mA will be drawn at once? (I will be using a pin for each transistor as I will not be multiplexing). In the case that I double the resistance of each group from 360 to 720 ohms, the max current will be 312.5 mA.

Am I going in the wrong direction completely?
I would really appreciate any help any of you could give me, thanks :)

Edit: I have just realised my schematic is slightly off - the LEDs are connected correctly in reality.


The way you have drawn that, the Cathode and Anode are at the same potential so no current will flow through the LED's.
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Whos schematic is that? The LEDs are wired wrong, they are shorting themselves out. Fix their wiring, it should be:

    from transitor
  | -|<| --|
  | -|<| --|
  | -|<| --|
  | -|<| --|
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Yeah I just edited my post, I drew the schematic quickly and made the mistake. Apologies.

Edit: I've modified the schematic to match the correct configuration.


Put the LEDS and R1-3 before the collectors.
Emiters go to ground.
The way you have it in your schematic isn't the same as how you have it wired up!

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