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Greetings everyone. I'm looking all over the place but can't seem to find a bill of materials for the Due. Does anyone have the list somewhere, or can you please point me to that information?

Much thanks!

Leon Heller

You could generate one from the Eagle PCB files.
Leon Heller


Yes, I've done that, but I am not sure if I have the correct parts specified from the scarce information contained in the EAGLE files. I can do the research, but I was hoping someone had that list hanging around somewhere. Thanks.


BOM will depend on your supply source.
The eagle export generally contains component values and sizes, and for caps, possibly voltage rating.
You then have to look up parts at digikey or mouser with those parameters.
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Leon Heller

I doubt if you will find an official BOM, they don't seem to be available for the other Arduino boards.
Leon Heller


Here i am attaching bill of material.
I got every material  expect fuse.resetswitch and osclilator.



Attachments don't work.  Can you upload it somewhere and share a link?

Leon Heller

It worked for me, but it it isn't any use - it only includes a few parts. I don't think it's for the Due, anyway.
Leon Heller


Can someone please post the attachment somewhere so I can view it?

I ask because I'm looking through the Eagle files and there are some weird parts specified that I don't understand- for instance, C1-C3 are all 10uF capacitors, but the package size is SMC_B - I'm not familiar with this and can't seem to find any parts like that on Digikey or Mouser.

Is that just another name for a metric measurement (such as 0603) or is it a different package size altogether?


Or, for instance, the part BR1 is described as "Three terminal jumper made from two 0402, 0603, 0805, etc." and it's package is listed as J0402. The schematic shows it as two bridged resistors, but no values are given.

Are these two 0-ohm 0402 resistors (essentially jumpers)?

I guess I'm curious if anyone else has spent the time to decipher the parts list and made a BOM. I'll gladly share my results if no one has, but I'm somewhat new at SMD designs and I'm not familiar with all these parts.


... C1-C3 are all 10uF capacitors, but the package size is SMC_B - I'm not familiar with this and can't seem to find any parts like that on Digikey or Mouser.

Hm, SMB and SMC are standard sizes:


SMC_B is something I'm not familiar with and could not find. Let me suggest you have a look at the gerber files. You can locate C1 and look at the pads, to get an idea what the package is like.


Can anyone provide a part number for the oscillators?

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