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If it doesn't light up.. you made a mistake in assembly. I've taken the liberty of attaching the schematic and aside from the connectors and socket there are only 12 parts besides the controller.. As Always re-check your soldering, inspecting for bad solder (Bridges) or no solder.. skipping a pin is a common error.. After 50 years I still do that occasionally.
There is no power switch so I dearly hope you didn't connect it to Anything But 5 V DC as it would damage both the display and the processor.
There isn't a lot more that bypassing and the crystal and load cap's.. A TTL 74S90 would extend the frequency range by a factor of 10 as 'selected' 74S90's can go to 100 MHz, divide by 2 and then 5 for a total of a factor of 10 division of the input signal. But that's for later... need to get it working first.

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Dear Bob, thanks a lot for you help, sure after what you told me, I made a mistake in assembly. For sure the I connect in 5 VDC because I used an Arduino bord connected on computer by usb as source of enerfgy. I'll try reassembly it and also I'll buy another kit and try it again. Could you send the the schematic for my email? I don't know why I couldn't download it from here. my email is this login + @eba.ufmg.br . Thanks. Marilia

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