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Topic: is 12v motorcycle battery (maintenance free) is good for robot?. (Read 6722 times) previous topic - next topic


is there some kind of old commercial robot that uses 12v motorcycle battery? from the picture in you link. what do they use to power them up?

btw. do old robots have better motors?.

Do you happen to know the amp-hr capacity of the motorcycle battery? Usually you see people
using SLA batteries, rather than motorcycle batteries. Probably because they are sealed, and you
never have to worry about acid spills, although I imagine some newer m/c batteries are sealed
too. For my part, I never looked into using an m/c battery.

I've built several robot bases from scratch, but the old toys like Omnibot and R.A.D. were nice
modular designs [R.A.D. especially] that are easily converted.


thank you very much. i have a last question for you since you have a lot of knowledge in motors . can i plug 6v dc motor to a 12v motorcycle battery?

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