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From Wikipedia link above:
Pin 9   KEY/PWR   formerly key, now +5V DC
Seems a test is needed.


Test done, zoomx was right to be sceptical.

I measured VGA connector pin9 when connected to
Code: [Select]
  CRT Siemens MCM 17P2: 0.02V
LCD-TFT Wortmann EM599: 0.38V

So no 5V from VGA connector for powering Arduino Due,



Anyway you explored a new way! I hoped I was wrong because it would be useful to have 5V from almost any monitor.
Unfortunately it seems the 5V cames only from graphic cards.
We must rely in USB ports or something else.


Hi, is there any possibility to use 640x480 mode?



And one more question... can I somewehere download older version of DueVGA which doesn't use DMA?


> Hi, is there any possibility to use 640x480 mode?
Not with color, I tried even only 400x240 and that was not successful.

HelloWorld.ino DueVGA lib example uses 640x480 monochrome.

See above in this thread that you can go much higher than the "normal" 800x600 VGA (1152x768 WXGA, with duplicate area), my favorite monochrome resolution is 1024x675.

> And one more question... can I somewehere download older version of DueVGA which doesn't use DMA?
Unrelated to DueVGA, this short video shows the benefits of DMA:



Thank you very much for your answer. Using DMA has one advantage (speed) but some disadvantages too - pin assignment is fixed, library is closely tied to DUE and flexibility of algorithm change is lost. For my project I need color output and at least 64 characters per line.

Anyway I have to say that DueVGA is great library.

If I remember, the first versions of DueVGA don't use DMA, isn't there any archive to download these older versions?



I cannot help on the older lib, Stimmer should be able to answer that.

For color you have maximally 320x240, and you need 64 characters, so you require a 4xH font, here is a 4x6 font just as a sample that gives you 320/5=64 characters per row, and 240/7=34 rows:

You can get even 80 characters per row with this 3x5 (not that easy to read) font, with 40 rows:



HermannSW and zoomx, your answers are very useful to me, thank you verymuch.


    I want small size (right now size of font you add 8x8) and big size font (say 30px X 50px) on same sketch, than what changes i have to made. and if it not possible with your library than what i have to do if i want big size of font.


DueVGA lib provides 8x8 font.

For 32x32 font see "void drawText32(char *text, int x, int y)" from sketch of this previous posting in this thread:



Great Hermann, it's work.Thank you so much.
But is this possible to display proper shape of font, so it's look like good.right now Square are appear at the corner. 


Hey folks,
I wanted the share the project I am working on. Its a video synthesizer based on an Arduino Due, which is making use of Stimmers DueVGA lib.
I wasn't able to add rotary encoders because of conflicting interrupts, so I switched to push buttons, wich works flawless and will also add to the design (I hope  ::) ). I am also panning on using slide faders at the RGB output signal from the Arduino, so I can change the color the analog way. I tested it with rotary resistors and it worked. The resolution is 800x600 at the moment. I dont think it would make much sense to go higher, the "video" would be lagging very hard.
Thanks for all the work you guys are putting into helping others here! Much Appreciated

DIVISYNO - An Arduino based video synthesizer

Once the project is done I will release a documentation of it.

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