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Hello dammien,

Yes, speed. What moved me with this Ethernet interface, besides the exercise of help building a future Ethernet API for Due, was the ability of SAM3X8E's EMAC controller to work with RMII at 50MHz, thanks to the fact that all transfers between the EMAC and the core through the DMA interface are 32 bit words (FIFO 128-byte). 100 Mbit/s pure. There are of course more embedded characteristics you can find in page 1267 of the SAM3X specs (Atmel doc11057). We can implement also lwip network stack, or NUT/OS or even the venerable ┬ÁC/IP (now 6LoWPAN). I don't remember now but I think W5100 only has inbuilt IP stack, but without any doubt, W5100 remains to be a phenomenal Ethernet controller. Indeed, It should work for what you want.


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I have found this DP83848 PHY ethernet board which should be very simple to set up, because it's kind of all in one. On the header are all the signals neded for RMII.



The cheapest price that I have found is on ebay for 15.99$:

Since I'm not really experienced in pcb design I'll go with this for a start and perhaps later make my own pcb design...


At the beginning, I was tempted to use DP83848, but once I realized that the Atmel guys already have the driver for the DM9161, I decided to save some time. May be you are aware of, but, a better but more expensive option is to use a Micrel PHY, pretty much because, according to Atmel, it has better hardware integration and documentation.
Indeed, it is in my list To-Do to purchase one of the series KSZ80. Anyway, if you choose the TI, likewise I will help you with it.


Tnx :)

I'm not familiar with (this or) other PHY modules, I just liked this one because It has everything soldered so there is only the software part to do.
I'm a developer so software is easier to me than pcb design...


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I received a couple of the TAIJI-UINO Due models from Elechouse.  The build quality is pretty good overall but one of them had a bit of metal in the USB mini-b connector that I had to bend out with a precision screwdriver.

Let me know if you want any up close pictures of it, I'll be happy to post them up.

I don't have any pins small enough to solder into the holes for the ethernet terminal area so I'll have to figure out what size they are and order some.  They look to be the same size as the small pins next to the Due 4 pin debug post.  Anybody know what size those are?

I'm still waiting on some of the Davicom phy chips to arrive along with some 50 mhz oscillators and some extra magjacks.  I figure I'll just re-create the AS-DM9161 schematic on a breadboard since ordering them from the Russian site wasn't very apparent.

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