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Hi to all of you!

I am in need of a person who would like to help me on a project I'm working on.
Quick explanation: Basically I have six acrylic bars which are stuffed with 16 LEDs each. So in total there are 96 LEDs I need to control using an Arduino.

To get a little bit more in detail: Those 16 LEDs in every acrylic bar are orange, 5mm strawhat ones (20mA on 1,95V). Now comes the tricky part (at least for me…)
I want to have every four LEDs (which are next to each other; so 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16) running in kind of a cross-fading repetitive pattern, where each of the "four-LED-clusters" runs the same pattern, just starting delayed from each other

The cross-fading pattern for each of the clusters should be LED1 in/out, LED3 in/out, LED2 in/out, LED4 in/out.
If the first cluster starts running the second cluster should start delayed for around maybe half a second, then the third one and then the fourth one. And then it should start again.
And that's one of the acrylic bars! The other five should be exactly the same.

And on top of that I would need the circuit board for that aswell where to be honest I'm quite sure I got it already but I'm not sure if it works because I don't have the code for testing it out (I'm very untalented when it comes to programming).

And of course there is payment! I'm willing to pay whatever effort, time and material it costs to set it up that way. I even got a video of a similar pattern I'm trying to reproduce where I'm sure of that would be kind of helpful because I don't know if my description has been that good ;) :)

With the best regards and a big thank you for reading,


Hello Mario,

I have sent you a PM on FB and a contact request on Skype.

Cheers Pete.
EmbeddedAT .. From Concept to Prototype to Production

Electronics and firmware design and project mentoring


I replied to you by Facebook and look forward to hearing from you.



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Hi Mario,

Code complete and a video of it working sent to your email address as agreed.

Unfortunately you don't seem to have a Facebook page anymore and you are not responding to my Skype messages.

Cheers Pete
EmbeddedAT .. From Concept to Prototype to Production

Electronics and firmware design and project mentoring


Well folks I feel I have to post a cautionary note here on this project and person.

Mario and I had a long a protracted conversation about how he might get this to work on Skype (he has provided his Skype address int he original post). I pointed him at several options and spent about 2 hours chatting and explaining how things might work. The result of all this was that he then commissioned me to write the firmware. I did this and sent him via email as requested a video of the finished product.

Since then I have heard nothing from him I sent a few more emails and left several messages on Skype. I even tried reaching out on his websites. He has shut down his Facebook account (address also posted in the original post) and not responded to a single attempt to contact him.

Now fortunately I have only wasted my time here and nothing else. However it serves to qualify the reason why  I ask for a 50% deposit on my development fees when taking on work.

So if this person should crop again asking for help you have been forewarned.

Cheers Pete.

EmbeddedAT .. From Concept to Prototype to Production

Electronics and firmware design and project mentoring

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