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The T3 manual doesn't mention an IR receiver. Only a wired remote.
It looks to me as though the T3 has a simple 1/8 inch stereo jack which should be easy to connect to. (I have the 50D which isn't as easy to do because it has a non-standard plug).
I believe the jack is similar to what vwlowen showed for his Nikon although Canon might have the shutter and focus as he shows or swapped.
I would recommend that you use optoisolators as he shows. You could probably get away without them but it's an expensive risk to take.


Agreed. The opto decoupling is safest.

A thought occurs to me.. A simple Photo Resistor may do the trick at the camera side...
I believe the camera just wants the current loop closed...



But couldn't the photoresistor then fire on any bright light?


This Photo-Resistor came packaged with the infra-red diode.....

Well this doesn't seem to be working.

Using the MATCHED INFRARED EMITTER AND PHOTOTRANSISTOR DETECTOR I thought this would work but no... it's not.

Video of the IR emitter emitting but nothing happening at the camera.
Image of the setup Arduino connected to camera by mini jack and wires.

Shorting the red and black wires causes the camera to take an exposure, but the photo-transistor doesn't seem to 'short' the circuit.


The first thing I'd try is putting the two very close together, preferably with something around them to shield the receiver from ambient radiation but I doubt that it will help. The receiver is probably not seeing enough IR to drive the output hard enough to fire the camera. You could add a transistor on the output to amplify it.
But an optoisolator would work better. It might still require a transistor for the output but it would be more reliable than separate Tx/Rx.


That was the ticket... Having the transmitter face the receiver made it work hunky dorey!

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