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Thanks for explaining that Jonny.

Sadly it won't work as PIN10 is required by the shield and the TLC. I tried to change pin 10 to pin 7 in the pinout section of the TLC library but it won't work. I wonder if the shield CS pin could be changed? I did some searching and came up with this http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,133481.15.html looks like it cant be moved as it is something to do with the timer?

I can't really understand what would need to be done in software to move the TLC blank pin :(


Anyone got any other suggestions for freeing up pin10 from either device?


Can you give me a link to the entire library please?
The file you have uploaded has no mention of the blanking pin.  I have never used these things before so I am unsure as to what it does.


Sure Mr Jonny http://code.google.com/p/tlc5940arduino/downloads/detail?name=Tlc5940_r014_2.zip&can=2&q=

I'm not 100% sure what it does, I think it might clear the array at the end of the 4096 loop? Like I said I tried to re-assign it in the pinout section of the library but it didn't work and I read somewhere about it using a timer on pin12 so can't be moved?

Thanks for the help :)


According to the library.

Code: [Select]
SS will be set to output as to not interfere with SPI master operation.
    If you have changed the pin-outs and the library doesn't seem to work
    or works intermittently, make sure this pin is set correctly.  This pin
    will not be used by the library other than setting its direction to
    output. */

Therefore you should just be able to connect both to pin 10 and everything should still work

Code: [Select]
#define TLC_SS_PIN       PB2 to
Code: [Select]
#define TLC_SS_PIN       PB1 (pin 9)

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