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OK, so I have a project in mind that I really want to do. However, I don't know if it is feasible. Basically I want to make a bank of really cool switches. Specifically this key switch (or a similar one), between 5 and, say, 7 of these illuminated toggle switches,, some kind of momentary switch (maybe even a "big red button"), and a keypad of some kind (probably a 12 key). I also want to integrate a screen of some kind (preferably NOT a full color lcd. Basically, I am going for "cool factor," so I'm not entirely sure what I am going to make these switches do. What I do know is that I want the buttons to work like this:

  • The key switch should be a master power switch (either in reality or simply appearing to be i.e. turning on/off the screen)

  • The toggle switches should enable/disable certain things

  • The momentary switch should "activate" the enabled things/functions

  • The keypad should be used for "additional authorization" (i.e. inputting a pin number in order to perform certain functions)

The display should show updates on the states of the switches, errors, etc.

It would also be cool if I could make the whole system "talk," probably through audio files stored on an SD card. However responsiveness is much more important than this feature.

Thank you for your help!


Yes lots of ways to do this and still have room for a wave shield.



Yes lots of ways to do this and still have room for a wave shield.


Thanks for the reply. I am kinda a noob though, so any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


so any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

OK. Here are a couple:

Code: [Select]
char *ptrToChar;
int *ptrToInt;

Sorry, couldn't resist.


Now Paul he won't even get the joke if he is new. It I can see the temptation.  :)

What sort of screen are you thinking of, arduino and graphics output are possible but it is normally low res stuff that does not look too cool.

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