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Now Paul he won't even get the joke if he is new. It I can see the temptation.  :)

I sort of get it, I'm assuming those are lines of code that "point" to things. But besides that...

What sort of screen are you thinking of, arduino and graphics output are possible but it is normally low res stuff that does not look too cool.

Probably some kind of LCD character display, maybe something like this. I feel like these are my best bet for a combination of "cool" and practicality.


So, does anyone have any pointers for me about a good place to start with this project?


Yesbasicallyit is feasible but take it one step at a time.
Get the display and learn how to drive it.
Learn how to read switches.
Learn how to read a switch matrix.
There are plenty of examples in the playground and learning section of this site.


Just like Mike said above, you need to learn to crawl before you can walk. Buy yourself an Arduino Uno, an LCD display and one of the many starter kits that are available and follow the tutorials on this site, adafruit, etc. Once you know how to read a switch and write to the lcd display then you can start putting it all together.


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My only concern with buying an Uno is that I won't have enough pins. I have now upped the ante a little, and plan on using THIS RGB 20x4 LCD along with several toggle switches, a key switch, and a keypad (12 key). Will I have enough pins if I do some fancy wiring (that I currently don't know how to do...)?

Also, any suggestions about a started kit that is actually useful? Most of the ones I have seen come with tiny breadboards which won't be all that useful. Am I better off building my own kit with just the stuff I need, as to save some money? I am a student so cash isn't unlimited for me.

Edit: oh yeah, I also want to leave room to add the ability to use a wave shield (or similar) as a final touch.

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